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Italian cuisine. Typical trattoria of Milan “Trattoria Ambrosiana”

December 18th, 2012

If you are looking for typical Italian food in Milan and are especially interested in trying local dishes, than you should definitely drop in to the Trattoria Ambrosiana. There are those who treat trattorias with condescension repudiating them as places of low quality food, but true Italians know these are the only eateries where they can indulge in home-made dishes at good prices. Which doesn’t mean these Italians come here to castigate themselves for a week’s profligacy at restaurants with exuberant prices. They come here to EAT. And to eat WELL.

Anyway, Trattoria Ambrosiana is just one of those hidden treasure spots tourists rarely hear about. Most dishes are typical for Milan and the list of them is quite impressive (for a trattoria, obviously). They serve delicious soups

typical trattoria in Milan

typical trattoria in Milan

and one of my favourite Italian treats, nervetti. No wonder if you have never heard of them. Nervetti are typical for Lombardia but, strangely enough, are hardly found around. As the name might suggest, they are animal nerves and gristles. Don’t get scared, I assure you nervetti are quite eatable and I dare say even quite delicious.

typical trattoria in Milan

typical trattoria in Milan

Coming back to prices.. Having devoured two first courses, two seconds, one small carafe of red house wine and two cups of coffe we spent..18 euros. So, apart from my personal approbation the trattoria gets the nominations for one of the cheapest diners in Milan.

Oh, and one last thing – don’t try to bulge in here in the evening. Trattoria Ambrosiana is open strictly in the daytime from about midday to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday.


Caffe Trattoria Ambrosiana, via Paisiello 4, 20131 Milano

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