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Private guide in Italy

10398930_9690277283_2935_nYour private tour guide in Italy

I love Milan. And I love Italy. That’s why I actually stayed here having come almost eight years ago with the initial goal of spending three peaceful sunny months on the coasts of the Mediterranean sea. It is strange and a bit painful for me to hear tourists say that there are no other interesting sights in Milan apart of its Duomo cathedral, Brera art gallery and Sforzesco castle. It is uncomprehensive to have Italy limited to Rome, Florence and Venice. Milan is full of hidden treasures as well as Italy is full of outstanding non touristic corners. Being a qualified tour leader, I’d be happy to spend some hours or days with you as a private guide in Milan, in Lombardy, and in other regions of Bell Italia. You will have a chance to discover all the places the locals flock to, the best bars and restaurants where tourists are normally banned from, get to know real Italians and real Italian lifestyle. Interested? Just drop me a line here to book a private sightseeing tour!

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